Some preliminary thoughts…

This is now the third time I have started this blog thing. I keep getting bogged down with other things. But let’s try it again….

Originally, in part, this site was to honor Ray S Anderson, one of my Professors at Fuller Theological Seminary. I learned the concept of Theological Instincts from him. His writings, teaching, and life were steeped in the Incarnation of Jesus as God’s self in flesh. He believed that a “Jesus” foundation for ministry was essential as the grounds for pastoral and theological work. In fact, the life of ministry is based on the profound theological implications of the life of Jesus.

Within this website, I have created several pages in Ray’s honor. You will find a Bibliography of Ray’s works and a Listing of Sermons he preached as a young pastor in Azusa, California. The sermons were bequesthed to me my another man who shared my appreciation for pastor Ray’s thoughtfulness and insights into the scripture. Don Farrer was a member of the church in Azusa (an Evangelical Free Church) and was granted access to the “memeographs” of Ray’s sermons. Don gave the materials to me and ask that I pass them along. I have over the years begun to copy them into a more modern type and have provided some of them here for your edification. Some of these have also found their way into works by Chris Kettler whom I am aware has a keen interest in the thought, life and artifacts of Ray Anderson.

I would be happy to hear your reflections on this material by the “early” Ray Anderson as well as my own writing. Subscribe and Comment as you feel led.

Good Tree, Good Fruit — the motto of Washington University of Virginia

Author: Paul H Mannes

Paul is an IT Professional in DC area. He was theologically trained at Fuller Theological Seminary in the mid-70s and has continued to read, write, teach, and think about the relationship between the bible and life. Paul is married to a talented and professional Psychotherapist names Susan. We have 4 grown children, 1 grandchild (so far).

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